Opinions on Local Services Revealed by “Place Survey”

June 30, 2009 by  

A  survey of public opinion about the provision of local services has revealed that Greenwich Council achieves a satisfaction rate of 53.1% - the same as Bromley and ahead of both Lewisham and Bexley. The results come from the "Place Survey" which was carried out by English local authorities themselves on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Governmment, and which measured attitudes across a range of local issues.

Local Decision Making

15.1% of respondents in Greenwich said they had been involved in decisions that affect the local area over the last 12 months. A seemingly small number, but when asked, only 33.4% said they would like to be more involved in decisions that affect the local area.

Litter, Refuse and Recycling

53.3% of the Greenwich borough residents said they were very or fairly satisfied with the way public land was kept clear of litter or refuse, compared with 62.5% in the borough of Bromley and 61.3% in Lewisham.

75.6% were satisfied with refuse collection - an almost identical number to those in Bromley, but still trailing Lewisham where 81.6% felt the same way. Bexley were way behind with just 61.5% happy with their refuse collection.

Greenwich seems to be leading the way with doorstep recycling as far as respondents to this survey were concerned - three quarters of respondents were very or fairly satisfied with that, compared to just 65.9% in Bromley and 69% in Lewisham.

Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

In Greenwich, 26.6% of the people that took part in the survey thought anti social behaviour was a problem. Significantly more than the 17.1% who thought the same was true in Bromley but only slightly above the figures for Bexley and Lewisham.

41.5% in Greenwich agreed that was a problem with people not treating each other respect and  consideration. Again, this was way above Bromley (27.8) but roughly in line with Lewisham and Bexley. Drug use and drug dealing is considered a signicantly bigger problem in Greenwich than it is in all of its neighbouring boroughs.


Greenwich scored marginally more than neighbouring boroughs on providing transport information, and marginally less then the same boroughs for bus services.

Read the data for yourself here and see how Greenwich compares to other boroughs and authorities.


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